Robert in Concert

Robert in Concert

Robert in Concert explores the classical music ecosystem by interviewing founders of the New Wave of startups, those who challenge tradition, create fresh concert experiences, empower their audiences, and bring classical music into the future.

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    Episode 3: Tricia Park and the Human Musician

    Tricia Park, world-class violinist and entrepreneur, talks about her experiences starting and playing in her many projects. We also discuss audience engagement and the importance of the human making the sounds on the stage.

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    Episode 2: Dana Zimbric

    In this episode, I interview Dana Zimbric, the Artistic Director for both the Classics for Kids Philharmonic and the California Chamber Orchestra. We talk about the difficulties of having a career in classical music and how to make classical music representative of the people of the world. She gives practical career advice for anyone who wants to do more innovative things in classical music. With C4K, she reaches over 30,000 kids per year through music, and I have learned a lot from over the two years I have known her.

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    Episode 1: David Dong

    I interview David Dong, founder of the Intermission Orchestra at UCSD. I met him there while I was working on a master's degree at the School of Global Policy and Strategy. We then went on to found Resonance Horizon. David has a BA in Music Composition from UCSD.

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